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Our Primary Purpose

Shunyia & Company was born from the desire to find a NEW way to help clients improve and organize their financial lives into an easy to understand interactive format.  We are an independent firm that is committed to helping clients solve their complex financial goals.

We have developed a process for a select group of successful business owners and professionals, who among other things, aspire to a work-optional lifestyle. They want to secure their family investment legacy and look to the future with anticipation, not apprehension.  Our process, The Headwaters FORMula, puts all the pieces of the financial puzzle together as your life unfolds and your needs evolve.

The clients we work with have specific needs now and in the future that are aligned with our expertise and our process. Through our process and philosophy, we strive to provide exceptional service to many generations of your family.

Meet Our Team

Peter Shunyia, CFP®

President, Senior Wealth Advisor

(248) 365-8822


Peter Shunyia is President and Senior Wealth Advisor at Shunyia & Co. Private Wealth Advisors. His experience in the financial services industry includes spending a combined 20 years at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley as a financial...

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Misty Doucet, FPQP™

Client Service Specialist

(248) 485-8139


Misty brings over ten years of client service experience in the area of financial services and has completed the Registered Paraplanner course of study encompassing the financial planning process and the disciplines of financial...

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Jackie Brundage

Office Manager

(248) 498-4819


Jackie brings more than fifteen years of financial services industry experience to her role as office manager. She provides administrative and advisor support services and operational oversight, helping to ensure a consistently...

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Our mission with every client is to provide confidential and objective, product-agnostic advice that turns financial problems into financial solutions.

Our Process

Our first meeting is all about getting to know you and analyzing your goals and objectives. There is no pressure on the client – ever.

  1. All About You – Our first meeting is designed to lay down the foundation of our potential relationship by getting to know who you are at your core. We figure out your goals and objectives and analyze them. There is no paperwork here. 
  2. Review – During our second meeting, we discuss our proposed plan, which we have devised between sessions. We rarely sign anything during this meeting. 
  3. Develop – Once we begin working together, we continue developing and solidifying your financial plan. You will have opportunities throughout to provide feedback and ask questions.
  4. Implement – We take a collaborative approach to our relationship going forward. When your life changes and grows, your financial plan grows with you.

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